Early Intervention for Children


The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs exists because of the insight and energy of the members of the Service Guild of Birmingham. Founded in 1958, the Service Guild has for over fifty years brought women together to serve the needs of children with disabilities.



The fifty-three charter members, seeking to give their time and skills as volunteers to make a difference in the Birmingham community, chose as their first project a school for the mentally disabled where Guild members taught enrichment classes and also provided publicity and other support for the organization. Furthermore, the Guild provided its members, many of whom had left positions of responsibility in the working world in order to raise families, with opportunities to serve in leadership roles within the Guild itself, carrying out the organization’s program and fundraising functions.



Fifty-plus years later with a membership of over 135 dedicated volunteers, The Service Guild continues to be a vital part of the work of The Bell Center in making a difference in the lives of children with developmental delays. In addition to their tremendous volunteer and financial support of The Bell Center, Service Guild members build community support and an understanding for each child and the growth they experience through the work at The Bell Center. The moments that Guild members witness – for example, when a child, through great effort, gains the ability to do something as ordinary as undo a zipper – are both moving and thought-provoking. The work of a Service Guild member is meaningful…we invite you to learn more about RECRUITMENT, our history, and our leadership.